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Hi everyone.

I wanted to put out this list of things we have done on the web site and things we are planning to do.

Done already
1. We have setup a community forum that we can use to communicate with each other and our neighbors who do not have Facebook can use to post messaged to then community.
2. We have setup a Document Management system where community documents can be uploaded and managed.
3. We have put links up to the covenants and Arc review form along with contact information.
4. We have a place to post upcoming events and community information.
To be done
1. Link in Twitter feed to the site.
2. Link in FB feed to the site.
3 Convert the Arc review doc to a online form that can be filled out and will be emailed to the HOA board.
4. Setup an online payment for HOA dues. – This is a maybe as it will depend on the fees for online processing.

2 thoughts on “Website updates

  1. ikimfamily

    I just moved into the neighborhood. It’s great that we have a web site and it looks great. I have two comments: (1) Download Arc Form link doesn’t work for me. (2) The name of the community is mispelled in the Header and Footer. Thank you for setting the web site.

    1. Hello and thank you for your feedback.
      I have corrected the issues you have pointed out and we are grateful for your interest in helping us to keep the site updated, correct and functional!

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